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Time to Fly

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There comes a point, in all of our lives, where we truly and genuinely feel stuck. Unable to move forward, and not willing to step back to where we just came from.


That’s where I am now. Stuck in my job, stuck in my creative drive, and overall, just frustrated with way I’m spending my time during the week. Sure, I get out on weekends, but why is it that I feel unmotivated at work and unable to become excited about the future of my career? Maybe I’m in the wrong industry, or maybe, I’m just settling for second best.


They say that there’s no such thing as a dream job—period. I hate to be the one to backfire, but I feel like this a blatant lie that society tells us to make sure we stay on the straight and narrow. If someone told you that you could have your dream job and never really work a day in your life as a result, very few of us would want to sit in a corporate office five days a week, eight hours a day. Everyone would be out chasing that thing that makes them excited to get out of bed in the morning, and for a lot of us, that job would not be a scheduled 9-5 routine. At least it wouldn’t for me, anyway.
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Way in the back of my mind, I have dreams. And if I’m going to be honest, most of them sound absolutely ridiculous or unachievable, and all of them exclude 9-5. But hey, dreams are what keep us going when the going gets rough. I won’t let go of these dreams solely because there’s a (very) small part of me that envisions them happening one day, no matter how out of reach or stupid they may seem.


A voice inside of each and every one of our minds will try to tell us to shake those thoughts and let go of those dreams, because life is better left predictable, safe, and structured. And my response to that? What a load of bull sh*t. The most talented and inspiring people in this world do not lead safe lives. In fact, some of the happiest people might not even be wealthy or famous. They’ve just refused to let preconceptions mould their day to day life. They’ve said no to the system and they’ve said no to mediocre, because they know that these paths will not lead them to their bliss.


I’ve reached that point where I am no longer inspired in my job. I no longer get excited to go to work in the morning, and I no longer want to stay a minute past five. My work day is no longer left at the office door, and somehow, it manages to come home with me, taunting all of my time off until I enter the building a mere 16 hours later.


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We all endure trials—whether in the form of people, jobs, or random uncontrollable events. We all have mountains to climb over, and we are all forced to work at things that we don’t necessarily want to do. The challenging part is not accepting this life day after day, it’s recognizing that it no longer feeds your fire, and that it’s time to move forward in your journey in a completely different direction.


We must go beyond what we perceive as the limits of our possibility, or we will remain static—a dark place where happiness can never grow, no matter how much we water it.


Right now, I can feel myself in this place of inactivity and hopelessness and I know that it is time to fly. My job is only that: a job. But my well-being and happiness? That is my livelihood, and it is not something that I am willing to put on hold for eight hours a day, five days a week. Many people do, because they feel they need to, and I give props to anyone who is able to hold themselves together without feeling completely discouraged in the process.


On September 7th, I will be flying to Australia. I will spend one month there, driving down the East Coast, and the flying to SE Asia for another two months. Am I escaping reality? A little bit. But I have and always will believe that travel is one of the best investments anyone can ever make in their lifetime. I am excited to experience new things and meet new faces from all over the world. I am looking forward to stepping outside of my culture, and I am beyond ready to change my scenery. When I return, I will take life one step at a time to work toward a new passion project, but for now, it’s time to fly.


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Escaping is not such a bad thing, so long as the right intentions are there. Life is only as structured as you let it be. Do not ever let someone shame you for wanting to see the rest of the world instead of sitting in an office chair, glued to a computer screen. The irony of societal expectations will never cease to amaze me.


One third. That’s the amount of your life you will spend working. The other third? Sleeping. That leaves just one last third for living and exploring 510 million square kilometres of this earth. Refuse to spend that valuable working third doing anything other than your dream job. Refuse to give into the idea that you need to work a dead end job to make copious amounts of money and buy things. Refuse to settle for second best and refuse to stay in situations or jobs that take away from your bliss. Your dream job may not be knocking at your door tomorrow, but if you can build up to it gradually, you will be 10 steps ahead of everyone else who has decided to play life safely.


“You have to catch at least the spark of what your life is going to be. Or you may spend those dreary decades in corporate America climbing the ladder, only to discover that it’s against the wrong wall” – Rebecca Armstrong


Till next time,

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